-Proper soil preparation is crucial to the final results of your hydroseed.

-Sure, hydroseed can technically grow "anywhere", but to get it to grow into a thick, lush, emerald green lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood is the goal.

-The existing root system should be removed from the area to be seeded via rototiller, Harley rake, power rake, Bobcat etc.

-We do not advise spraying the existing root system with Round-Up or a similar herbicide to kill off the weeds. We advise in removing that root system completely & keeping the chemicals out of the soil.

-This is the perfect time to fill any low spots or dips in your yard.

-Any drainage or pitch issues should be addressed at this time.

-Now is the ideal time to install an Underground Sprinkler System to protect the investment in your lawn. Pro-Turf installs Sprinkler Systems for both commercial & residential clients.

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-Visit our website: www.ProTurfSprinklers.com for more information on our Automatic Sprinkler Systems with Wi-Fi controllers that work with Amazon Alexa.

-Freshly screened loam/topsoil should be spread, graded & finish raked. Use our loam calculator to see how much loam you'll need to use.

-The soil should be loose & soft to where you can easily make a footprint in it.

-You do not want the soil to be hard & compact prior to seeding.  This will not allow the seed to properly germinate & set root in the soil.

At this point, your soil is ready to be hydroseeded. Give us a call for an instant price quote at  (978) 957-8873,

or contact us here for a quote via email.


We can typically have you scheduled within 3-5 business days.



Hydroseed needs your attention to get optimum results. We have step by step care instructions for you to review before we spray your hydroseed.