Once your lawn has been hydroseeded, the work has just begun.  To turn your newly hydroseeded area into a beautiful, healthy, lush green lawn it is going to need some TLC. Hydroseed takes time to grow, you will not have grass right away.


Watering instructions:

  • New hydroseed should be watered 3 times per day for approximately 10-20 minutes per watering cycle.
  • The ideal times are 4:00AM, 11:00AM, and 4:00PM. (Do not water after dark)
  • You may adjust the watering slightly for seasonal changes at your discretion, i.e. increase for the hot summer months or decrease for the cooler fall months.
  • The hydroseed needs to remain moist in order to germinate properly. The soil does not need to be constantly sopping wet.
  • DO NOT create pools of water on your lawn; just keep the seed consistently damp & moist. The dye will fade in 1-5 days, this is normal and not “washout”.
  • After 4-6 weeks you may begin to scale back the watering at your discretion.

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Hydroseed Care & Maintenance:

-With proper watering and fertilizing, you will start to see germination begin within 10-14 days, have a mowable lawn in about 5-8 weeks, and end up with a fully established lawn in about 6-9 months. Green dye will fade within 1-5 days. Keep as much traffic as possible off of the newly seeded areas for the first 6 weeks.

-At first, some areas will come in much better than others in the first few weeks, this normal and typical with all hydroseed applications due to differing amounts of sun, shade, and water. After 4-5 weeks as the lawn begins to fill in it is recommended that you scratch up the thin areas and seed some of those areas by hand to help everything along. Use a mix of fescue, rye, and Kentucky bluegrass for the best match. You can buy “Metro Mix” from SiteOne Landscape, or contact us to purchase a small bag of our custom seed blend.

-2 weeks after we hydroseed your lawn, it is extremely important that you apply an 18-24-12 starter fertilizer to the lawn.  That fertilizer is available at any SiteOne Landscape Supply location. 3 weeks after that application you can follow up with an additional starter fertilizer application, then apply that every month for the first 3 months before switching to a regular fertilizing program. If you cannot find a fertilizing company to perform these applications, you must do them yourself.

-You may get some weeds in your lawn, they can be taken care of with a weed control fertilizer once the lawn begins to mature. Do not apply any weed control to the lawn for the first 10-12 weeks. We have no guarantee against weeds.

-The first mowing will be done approximately 5 weeks after the lawn was hydroseeded.  It is recommended that your lawn is mowed when it is dry, with a push mower, to do as little damage as possible to the new seedlings. You may suspend water for a few days to allow the soil to dry properly prior to the first mowing. The clippings should be left behind…however DO NOT leave any clumps sitting on the lawn, as they will damage the new seed.

-DO NOT allow the lawn to grow to an unreasonable height. Doing this and then mowing it back down to a normal height will definitely damage the grass, and it will be difficult to bring it back to good condition. Never mow more than 1/3 of your lawn's height off in one mowing. If it has overgrown, wait 2-3 days between each cut and gradually mow it back down to a height of about 3".

-If your hydroseed is washed out due to rain or any other circumstances we will come back to spray the area again for you at 50% of the original cost. Faded dye is NOT washout. The dye fades in 1-5 days. Please review your original quote for the full warranty policy.

- Please call us if you have any questions 978-957-TURF. Enjoy your new lawn!

Disclaimer: The recommendations on this site and our care sheet are based on the best information available but they do not guarantee a perfect, mature lawn. Unforeseen events or conditions that cannot be controlled by Pro-Turf Landscaping may occur or be present that will adversely affect the outcome of your grass after germination. Because of this Pro-Turf Landscaping makes no guarantee past the germination phase for the results of these recommendations.

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