How to Use Our Loam Calculator

Determine approximately how many square feet you need to apply loam to. Measure the length and width of the area, then multiply together to determine the total square footage. then enter it into the "Total Area" box.

For fresh soil, we recommend 2-4" deep.


Taking Measurements

Use a tape measure, measuring wheel, or walk the perimeter of the mulch area to acquire the total length and width. This should be as close as possible but does not need to be exact down to the inch. You just want to be in the ballpark of the size to estimate the total area.

You can also use Google Maps and then right-click and choose "Measure Distance" then draw it out.

Area Calculations

Use the following formulas to determine area...


Area = length x width


Area = 3.1416 x radius squared

Radius is the measurement from the center point to the outside of the circle.
Radius squared is radius times radius


Area = (length of base x length of height) x .5

If you need help calculating the area, please call us- we are glad to help.

Once you calculate your area, please contact us for pricing.