Hydroseed is the fastest way to grow a lush green lawn.

It is also good for planting wildflowers,  re-vegetation, erosion control and more. 

-Germination in less than 2 weeks, full results in about a month!

-Significantly less expensive than sod; save $1-$2 per square foot!

-Much more effective than hand seeding which can take months to germinate and multiple seasons to fill in.

-Organic fertilizer & nutrients are mixed in directly with the Hydroseed.

-Absorbs moisture like a sponge when watered, giving the seed the ideal environment grow in.

-No messy hay to rake away later.

Hydroseed (8)

-We use a custom blend of Fescue, Rye & Kentucky Bluegrass for most residential applications which promotes rapid germination & a deep root system. We have a specific blend we use for heavily shady areas.

-We can mix any seed blends at your request, or help you come up with the ideal blend for your application.

-Hydroseeding provides a lush, emerald green, drought tolerant lawn grown from the root up.  This allows the root system to grow deep into the ground, making for a durable, long-lasting lawn.


Hydroseed is safe & non-toxic to us, our pets & the environment.

NEXT: Soil Preparation

The ground needs to be prepared before we can spray hydroseed. Find out how with our detailed preparation guide.